Premaatur is a horror  love story in which Soniya is possessed by some super natural power. Rahul and Soniya tries to be friend with Pooja and Arjun but Arjun shouts at them in very nasty and ghostly manner. While conservation with the balloon vendor, they got to know about a ghost who cuts the plait of ladies and kills them. Next day Soniya was alone in her room, she heard someones anklet sound approaching towards her and banging her door. She calls Rahul for help with trembling voice but before Rahul comes to rescue her she was possessed and started walking barefoot on the road. She even tries to kill  herself. When asked she didnt know about the incident and was fearful and exhausted.

Other day she was found at the basement near mirror. At the first Rahul didnt...

Director: Sumit Sagar

Release Date: 06 Aug 2021

Cast: Prashant Walde, Heta Shah